We love to collaborate with you and your team

We teach you what we know and gradually get faded out of the equation.

Our streamlined process brings agile, design thinking and a customer centric approach in practice.

We improve your team cohesion by assisting them in working together, resulting in longterm benefits for your business.

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How do you want to work with us?

Let's co-create

Ideal for (new and experienced) teams to learn while getting concrete results on your case.

  • Short but intense sprints of 2 weeks

  • With a core team of approximately 6 people

  • Involving a broader group of stakeholders at key-moments

  • A clear and structured process

  • We make sure we find a match with your internal way of working

  • The result is an optimised redesign ready to be implemented

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Let us take the wheel

​Best choice to get things done when you don't have inhouse experience or your team has no time.

  • We’ll take over and do it for you

  • We immerse ourselves in your challenge

  • During our work we communicate transparently: we keep in touch and you'll be able to follow the progression closely


Get quick wins to start yourself

Best choice for a quick start and to get to know us

  • Our experts look at your case and give feedback on the quick wins

  • You receive documentation (in miro) of the whole journey, with recommendations and the rationale behind 

  • In 1,5 hour we discuss together and you can ask all the questions you have

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