We share what we know

Learn as an individual or together with your team

Personalized courses and workshops based on your cases

Different topics for Copywriters, UX'ers, Marketeers, Customer Journey Managers, Call Center Employees,...

No theoretical fluffiness, learn from experts in the field

Which training suits you best?

Become a behavior designer - at your own pace

​Online videocourse, ideal to follow individually or to onboard (new) team members

  • Follow at your own pace

  • Short videos

  • More than 20 basic principles of Behavior Design explained

  • A lot of practical examples

  • Applicable to e-mails, websites, banners,...

  • Quizzes and an exam to get certified

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Learn as a team, exercise on your own cases

​Interactive live webinars, ideal for a team

  • 10 to 12 webinars

  • 1,5 hour each, 1 every week

  • Live exercises and feedback from our experts 

  • Your own cases integrated

Deep dive in a topic that meets your team's needs

​Ideal for teams, intense deep dive in a choosen topic​

  • 0,5 to 2 days workshop about a chosen topic

  • In real life

  • Or online with easy to use tools like Teams and Miro

  • Live exercises and feedback from our experts 

  • Your own cases discussed

  • Cheat sheets for easy use after the workshop

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Most popular topics



How to write good texts without being a copywriter

Never use 'Lorum ipsum' again. Did you know that 90% of your persuasion power is in the copywriting?


You will learn a selection of copywriting techniques tailored to your case.

How to bring bad news without escalation

Telling people their delivery is delayed or their services were cut because they payed too late entails a risk to evoke negative emotions for the receiver.


We teach our own model  to teach you to communicate in a way that prevents escalation.


Bad news design

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Content marketing

How to design an efficient flow that leads to conversions?

Content marketing is an interesting tool to gain visibility in your market and to attract potential customers.


We don't teach the traditional stuff about SEO and what topics to choose. But we show how to build an effective flow that leads to actual conversions.

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Sales funnel design

How to design a really good converting sales funnel?

It's painful to see a lot of visitors go to the sales funnel and then drop. 

By using the right techniques to make it simple to use, motivate people and with the right CTA's, chances of conversion go up. You don't always need development, as simple copywriting can already change a lot. 

  • UXers

  • Call center employees

  • Customer journey managers

  • Copywriters

  • Marketeers

We are used to give trainings to: 

  • Direct marketeers

  • Communication managers

  • E-commerce managers

  • CRM Managers

  • and many more...

Learn to make natural chatbot and voice conversations

​Online video course, with certification

  • Follow at your own pace

  • Short, easy to follow video's

  • Learn a human centric workflow for conversation design

  • A lot of practical examples

  • Quizzes and an exam to get certified