How behavior design saved me from mindless A/B test

A few years ago I was working as a conversion expert in one of the biggest media compagnies in Belgium. I realized that running A/B test and doing some research just wasn't good enough to get excellent results. It felt random and it was difficult to cope with discussions internally, where the HIPPO often won, because there was no objective criteria to support decisions.

I found the solution in Behavior Design, a scientific discipline I learned at the Dutch company Buyerminds. This discipline is a combination of UX, research and Behavior Psychology, all combined to have an optional chance of succes while doing customer journey redesigns.

Behavior design is a discipline that has its foundations in well research, scientific books about human behavior like:

With our methodology we incorporate these behavior psychology insights in the design process and answer the question: 'How can I really design for human behavior?'.

Therefor we use the BJ Fogg Behavior model and developed a clear work process.

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In my talks I explain how the behavior principles work, with a lot of concrete examples. And teach the process of effective behavior design.

Some talks that can bring value to your audience

"Every website needs a psychologist"

Why understanding human behavior is essential (also to convince HIPPO's) and how to use it in digital communication

"How to break bad news"

How to avoid escalation when bringing bad news to your customers by using psychology.

"How psychology can level up your A/B testing game"

How to improve A/B testing by having a strategic phase and incorporating psychology in your (re)designs.

Speaking in front of different audiences makes it interesting

Keynote speaker at seminars

Recent seminars:

  • Livios 'Building Great Content Brands 2019'

  • Famus Grey GenZ Chapel Session 2019

Guest teacher to postgraduate students

@Bloovi Me - Digital Masters Academy

@Artevelde College Ghent - Digital Marketing Communication

Voted most interesting guest teacher of 2019

In-company inspirational sessions & workshops

@companies like:

  • BNP Parisbas Fortis

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When I talk about what I love my enthusiasm seems to be contagious

"Nice trainer with professionalism, enthusiasm, and humor."

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Luc Rampaer - Communication manager @ Team Belgium

"Thanks Kaat, it was a real pleasure and we were passionate to discover the principles and to review our communication from a behavior perspective!"

Corinne Vogeleer PXs.jfif

Corinne Vogeleer - Digital Journey Redesign Manager @ Proximus

Our biggest motivation is our clients growth

While working for companies with different conversion goals, we are focused to deliver value and excellent conversions rates. Our designs are tested and refined together with our clients. It is always a pleasure when we see a major uplift.

A beautiful example is our case for the biggest e-commerce site in the Benelux we succeeded to double the amount of reviews, using chatbots.