You choose how we collaborate

Our work is always based on a combination of theory and practice. By doing so we obtain immediate results, we teach you what we know and we gradually get faded out of the equation.

By using our streamlined process for your projects we're able to bring agile, design thinking and a customer centric approach in practice.

We improve your team cohesion by assisting them in working together, resulting in long term benefits for your business.

Which one suits you best?

1. We co-create

 During short but intense sprints of 2 weeks. With a core team of approximately 6 people and by involving a broader group of stakeholders at key-moments.

2. Let us take the wheel

You don’t have the time or the team to work on a project? No worries, we’ll take over and do it for you. The only thing you have to do is brief us and we’re good to go.

We follow the exact same process as described above but independently.

Of course we keep in touch as much as possible and you’ll be able to follow our progression closely.

3. Let our experts take a look at your case (expert review) and get started yourself

If you want to test the waters and start off on a smaller scale we can also provide you with an expert review. One of our behavior designers takes a look on your case and gives you his recommendations.

Easy first step!

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