NMBS ‘customer focused website’ 

The NMBS website had been patched-up for years, mostly from the viewpoint of the organization. The result was a website less focused on user experience. Users therefore started to look for their desired information through the call center. A more user-friendly site could therefore also solve a business problem. 


The desired behavior

  1. Buying more tickets 

  2. Less calls/mails to the customer service

The result after applying behavior design



The techniques that worked best for this case

How we worked together

We worked on this project together with the team with a focus on maximal transfer of our knowledge. We focused on the front-end strategy and designs, while NMBS was responsible for the back-end.

Defining the main flows on the website, like buying a ticket, checking for delays,...

Gathering insights in the travellers behavior through quantitative and qualitative (call center logs, co-discovery testing, ...) research methods.

In the strategy and design phase, the biggest exercise was to give the relevant content and CTA's at the right place and time in the journey. 

Detail UX and copywriting makes the new journeys come to live.


Clickable mockups were tested and iterated.


Visual design and development were the final step towards launch. Buyerminds stayed around to guard the focus on behavior design and persuasion power.

What was the end result?

In a process of Canary release, the website of the NMBS was launched step-by-step. We can't give all the details of the results, but we can tell you that the customer satisfaction ratio went up immediately after the launch. 

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