bpost ‘Do my move’  

When you move to another place, you can activate the service 'Do My Move', that automatically sends new letters to your new address.

But the online page was not performing enough. Research on the pages for this service showed that on the one hand there was far too much information and on the other hand the necessary information was not easily found.


As a result, customers became insecure and resorted to customer service or did not convert. The challenge was to restore that balance and work out a new, clear and persuasive flow.   

In the end this exercise would serve as an example to improve the whole new website from bpost.

A big challenge!

The desired behavior

  1.  customers are less inclined to contact the customer service 

  2. increase digital sales 

The result after applying behavior design



Some of the applied techniques

How we worked together

We were very lucky to work together with a core team that already was convinced that things needed to change.


On the one hand we had a lot of fun together with the core team. The session where we ran through the whole landingpage and it became clear where the problems were, was hilarious.


But we also moved quickly forward. The team understood the importance of UX and copywriting as one joint expercise and so we quickly got to a new journey and new screens. 

Research was conducted based on insights in the visitor's behavior through quantitative and qualitative research methods. We looked at exisiting documentation, conducted co-discovery testing, looked at analytics and read customer service logs.

2 co-creations were done, after wich the screens were worked out in detail UX.

The flow was tested through clickable mockups with pilot users. Based on the observations, adjustments were made where necessary.

Visual design was done for a number of key screens, which were then worked out in detail by the bpost team. 

What was the end result?

Luckily we did not only have fun. Conversion rose spectacularly, with a lower call rate.


This was the starting signal for bpost to set up all the other pages on their new website using the behavior design process.  Because now they were able to follow the unique behavior design process themselves and work customer centric for all the pages to be designed for the new website. 

With a maximum chance for success.

“I found the philosophy of co-creating very interesting. This way you don’t get the typical briefing thrown over the wall and a while later a design thrown back. Collaboration is key.”

Michael Renier

Digital Customer Service Manager @Bpost

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