KLM ‘important flight information’

KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) asked us to improve the emails that travellers receive after booking a ticket. The emails contain important flight information, but also aim to boost the use of online services like online check-in, upgrading your seat or ordering a special meal. The goal was to improve the customer experience and at the same time boost click through rates (CTR) to the extra services that could be booked on the website.

Image by paul jespers

The desired behavior

  1.  have customers see and save important flight information

  2. more online conversions like: check in online, upgrade seat or order special meals,…

The result after applying behavior design



The techniques that worked best for this case

How we got to work

Buyerminds was responsible from analysis/research to visual design. KLM took care of the front- and back-end. After launching, we kept discussing the results.

Research was conducted by us

What was the end result?

KLM and Buyerminds received many compliments from travellers about the new e-mails and the new ticket. 

The results we have:



  • Higher open rates (OR)


  • More clicks (CTR)

  • Higher conversion

“I found the philosophy of co-creating very interesting. This way you don’t get  the typical briefing thrown over the wall and a while later a design thrown  back. Collaboration is key.”

Michael Renier

Digital Customer Service Manager @Bpost

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