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Kaat Declerck

Behavior design Director


Ben Anthoons

Behavior Designer


Elien van den Steen

Business Development Director

I work at Buyerminds because I fell in love with Behavior Design. As a former conversion specialist at my previous employer I noticed that my team and I were too often counting on ‘A/B’ testing. Scientific insights and research brought the solution. I haven’t stopped reading and learning about the discipline of Behavior Design since then. I just can’t get enough of Behavior Design!

I truly believe at the core of every company lies the fact that they want to help others! Therefore I want to help these companies grow, staying human and true to their dna. This is why I work for Buyerminds. We are people working with other people to help a bigger group of people.

Today we encounter a lot of disappointing digital experiences. This brings frustrations and a lot of inconveniences. My goal is to design solutions for these frustrations and inconveniences. That’s how I contribute to making the digital world a better place.

Our international team and collaborations

In addition to the Buyerminds team in Belgium, we have a number of specialist partners we work with when needed, depending on your project.

Buyerminds Netherlands

The Dutch division of Buyerminds, we share our cases and knowledge with each other.

Buyerminds NL.png

Conversation Design Institute 

The world’s leading training and certification institute for designing for conversational interfaces.

Conversation design is an expertise combining copywriting, technology and behavior design for chatbots and voicebots.


The Belgian division of Buyerminds is part of Famousgrey. A creative marketing agency with an array of digital specialist and knowledge about advertising campaigns. Our coffee and lunch breaks form the foundations of some qualitative collaborations.