Van Oirschot new webshop

 Van Oirschot's customers are mainly installers of ventilation, sanitary and heating who actively use the website for their orders and follow-up. More than 20,000 products can be found in their range. Van Oirschot had an outdated website and was convinced that a better user experience was needed. The goal was to have existing customers buy more frequently larger shopping baskets.


The desired behavior

  1. increase online sales

  2. fewer calls to their customer service 

The techniques that worked best for this case


How we worked together

Buyerminds was responsible for the analysis and visual design of the screens. Van Oirschot was involved in 2 co-creations to create the new designs. Their development partner took care of the front- and back-end. 

Research was conducted to get to know the customer, through existing data, interviews and co-discovery testing.

A couple of sprints were done, in which we worked out the new solutions together with the internal stakeholders. Per sprint a certain journey was drawn out.

The end result was a new clickable mock-up that has been validated by Van Oirschot and its customers.

What was the end result?

We do not have any concrete data yet, but we do know that the changes were perceived as very positive by the company and their clients.

Joris Verjans 

Head of marketing & B2B webshop

@Van Oirschot

Joris verjans.jfif

"Buyerminds is the ideal partner for a broad scope of projects in both B2B and B2C contexts, thanks to their balance between listening and providing input. Their added value to us was mostly the set up of  a concrete action plan, the foundation for the redesign of our website."

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