Proximus ‘paying on time’

Keeping up with unpaid bills is expensive and highly time consuming. In addition, it can be challenging to manage potential "negative” reactions that customers may have when receiving a payment reminder. In this project we worked on the overall goal to maintain customers satisfied in the long run.

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The desired behavior

  1. customers pay their bills on time

  2. less calls or mails to customer support

The result after applying behavior design





Techniques applied to this case


How we worked together

We worked together with the Proximus team. In this co-working the behavior design process made sure to not only transfer the behavior design knowledge to the team, but also get the ins- & outs of the project at the table.

Research was conducted by Proximus employees

The customer journey workshop (1 day) gave us new ideas on the follow up process and when to remind people 

In 1 sprint (2 weeks) we developed new e-mails, sms's, in-app and paper-communications (wireframes phase)

In a second sprint we focussed on chatbot conversations

2 demo presentation made sure a broad group of stakeholders and intrigued colleagues were informed and felt engaged

What was the end result?

We delivered wireframes which are now being used for visual design and implementation by Proximus. This means we do not have clear data yet.

The results we do have:



  • A team that knows how to apply the divers behavior design techniques. 



  • Better collaboration within the team



  • A reflex to think more about the customer journey as a whole instead of individual communication

“We feel more confident now. We managed to create a satisfying journey. The way we tackled this project was revolutionary.”


Sofia Michili - Customer Journey & Service Designer @ Proximus

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