Hyundai ‘relaunch KONA’

 The KONA model was re-launched in the fall of 2018 after a lot of delivery problems occurred at the initial launch. Because of this, there were a few thousand stock cars that could be sold immediately. Hyundai asked Buyerminds to design the corresponding e-mail. 

Image by Axel  Antas-Bergkvist

The desired behavior

  1.  increase conversion from email to landing page

  2. increase number of test drives and dealer visits

  3. increase sales of the KONA 

The techniques that worked best for this case


How we worked together

Buyerminds was responsible from analysis to visual design of the screens. The implementation was done by an external party after which Hyundai sent out the mailing. 

Research was conducted based on existing existing documentation and an interview with a dealer who could identify 2 distinct target groups and cite specific advantages of the KONA. 

These insights helped form the further strategy plan.

In addition to the design of the email, we made recommendations for the landing page.

What was the end result?

The click through rate of the Dutch version increased by 20.55% and the French version by 25% compared to the previous email. The bounce rate of the landing page also dropped from 58% to 30%.

And best of all, the call to action clicks on the landing page increased with 1922%.

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