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A thorough redesign of all sales pages was necessary, starting with the paywall. We started by making the paywall more convincing, worked on motivation through the entire funnel and made the process as easy as possible.

Image by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral

The desired behavior

  1.  increase the number of online registrations 

  2. more content consumption

  3. higher amount of paying subscribers

The result after applying behavior design





The techniques that worked best for this case


How we worked together

Buyerminds was responsible from analysis to visual design of the screens. After delivery of the visual design, we stayed in touch to adjust the implementation. 

Research was conducted based on insights in the reader's behavior through quantitative and qualitative (exisiting documentation, co-discorvery testing, online survey, ...) research methods.

These insights helped form the futher strategy plan.

Two design trajectories were set up: one for the sales funnel from beginning to end and one to boost the reading activity, by defining the right time to send out certain communications.

What was the end result?

After launch, the sales funnel in basic trend immediately delivered 35% conversion increase. A nice boost for all future sales on desktop and mobile.

“It was clear from the beginning that Buyerminds has very concrete expertise for the design of our webshop and other communications.

I don’t like purely strategic collaborations. Buyerminds is very hands-on and has a clear path to the end result. That gives me a lot of confidence.”

Oya Uçar

Customer Base Manager

@ De Tijd & L'Echo

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