Want to Maximize conversions?

Boost retention?

Reduce inbound calls?

Stop relying on your gut feeling
Start using psychology based principles on all your digital channels
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Do you feel like most of your decisions are based on gut feeling? You're not the only one.

A lot of people who work in digital are searching how to:

improve conversions

avoid calls to customer service center

build a good customer relationship

Solutions based on science, have a bigger chance for success

Behavior design combines the knowledge of human behavior (behavior psychology) with UX and copywriting.

This gives you concrete handles to reach your KPIs.

Behavior psychology

“Now we know why we make a certain decision. We are not  arguing anymore because we have the behavior design theory  to fall back on. The whole team is much more aligned.”

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Lotte Semal

Brand Guardian


Psychological techniques applied

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What our clients love about behavior design (and our streamlined process)

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Informed decisions without the useless arguments and personal opinions

Know what to A/B-test and have a higher success rate

Getting to know their real customer

Align disjointed (customer) journeys and pages

Make a team work closer together and increase support from within the organisation

Putting 'Agile', 'Customer Centricity' and 'Design Thinking' into practice

A structured way of working

"With the expertise of Buyerminds we managed to design a more persuasive flow and we improved our internal work dynamic. Naturally this leads to better results."


Sofia Michili

Customer Journey & Service Designer

@ Proximus

They are also enthusiastic about what we do

We successfully applied behavior design
to sales and service challenges

Behavior designers are part of the innovation teams and  customer centric way of working in companies like Uber, Instagram and Google.  


In Belgium, these companies already saw the power of Behavior Design.

We work for companies just like yours
Start-ups, SMEs, substantial corporations, B2C, B2B
From big to smaller projects, with solutions for every budget.

How can we help you?

Online academy and workshops


Theory immediately translated into practice (with lots of examples)

Practice on your own cases

Topics like copywriting, bringing bad news, designing e-mails, landing pages and sales funnels, emotional design,...

Me (and my team) want to master behavior design

Co-creation to maximize results

No traditional agency, we are in this together

We show everything we do, so you can learn 

We want to become unnecessary for future projects

I want to work on a project together

Let's get to know each other



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