Our Methodology

We’ve developed a unique method, and we have trained our teams to apply it successfully. We take a no-nonsense approach, based entirely on smart research, scientifically proven persuasion principles, and a design mentality that focuses on testing and iteration.


Customer insight

In order to gain reliable insight into your target audience, we combine learnings from a variety of sources. We examine statistics from your current site, analyze search behavior on Google, and listen to what your customers are saying on social media and blogs. When people visit your site, we ask them intercept questions. Your existing customers help us gain insight into their decision-making process. And we use AB testing to test decisive factors.

But we know there’s more to discover: out of the office and into the world. We observe test users while they are thinking aloud. We listen in on your customer service calls. We conduct interviews and attend hallway studies, fairs and malls.

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Behavioral science applied

In addition to understanding your audience, applying behavioral science techniques is an essential component of our methodology. BJ Fogg’s Behavioral Model provides direction to our solutions. At every step of the customer journey, we systematically ensure that sufficient levels of motivation and ability converge with an effective trigger. We achieve this by using tactics that have proven to lead to higher conversion. Tactics for decisions, pricing or stress reduction that we have derived from, for example, the psychology of influence. Persuasion principles that we not only know and understand, but also skillfully apply to design, content and copy.

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Strategy in the form of scenarios

We're big fans of 'design thinking'. So we don't linger in the abstract for too long. We translate strategy into convincing scenarios, which we present as a clickable mock-up. You can see, step-by-step, how a lead can be converted into a customer. Test users provide proof of concept, as the mock-ups lead them to the desired behavior. Through testing and iteration, we perfect the persuasion strategy.


Detail design

Our interaction and visual designers translate the customer journeys into a design that is ready for development. Usually, we begin with a ‘design sprint’ in our studio. Then, we support the developers in the implementation of the journey. We prefer to stay involved until the go-live moment. That way, we can make small adjustments and ensure that the persuasive power remains intact.



After going live, we monitor everything that happens and propose optimizations based on real data. We bring conversion to the highest levels, using research and AB testing.