About us

Buyerminds is a colorful blend of psychologists, researchers, UXers, visual designers, web designers, copywriters, web analysts, developers, project managers, strategists, and combinations of these.


Since 2012

Buyerminds was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2016 we opened offices in Brussels and Hong Kong. Psi Enterprises is the holding company and also holds our training institute Persuasion Academy and Dopamine Lab where we develop conversion boosting software. Psi Enterprises is a privately held company owned by Olaf Igesz and Joris Groen. All our companies share a passion for psychology, markerting, technology and design.

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How do we make sure our people understand everything
about conversion?

Every member of our team graduates from the Buyerminds Academy - our own training institute. It’s the same place where we train our customers in conversion and persuasion. In that way, we keep a grip on all the principles of persuasion psychology, smart design and research. To keep energy and spirits high, we regularly invite guest speakers and assess each other’s work.

Buyerminds Team